Betting Philosophy

It is crazy to think that we make money watching sports, because when you think about it, I know most people wouldn’t consider that work.  Every day I wake up and know that my day will consist of reading columns and injury reports and gauging the temperature of the games I know I can tackle–and then at night, I sit back, relax and watch my bankroll climb.  While I know there are a few people back home with whom I grew up with that can’t stand my profession, saying it’s not honest work, then I think about the thousands of people that think quite highly of me–because they carry home some extra cash and can wear that slick grin after a great pick.  And best of all, you can take all the credit.  We aren’t about egos and glory, we only worship one thing–that little sentence on the dollar bills in our pockets, “In God We Trust.”

I have to tell you, I have been looking for God my whole life, and foolishly all I had to do was look in my pocket and there he was written on my cash.  So I made it my mission to get as much God as I can–watching sports, taking down winners, cashing tickets, and watching those Dos Equis commercials knowing, “I am more interesting that that guy.  I can pick winners and make people happy, I don’t need to speak French in Russian.”

Feel free to e-mail us and we will let you in on the secrets to winning big on sports no matter where you are–Las Vegas or Las Cruces.  Welcome to the brand new blog of the guys who just can’t get enough winning.  Just one more thing, get addicted to winning–it feels damn good.


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