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Dr. Jim’s Premium Plays Tuesday, August 16th

1) Detroit Tigers -1.5 -120 (Risk 6 units to win 5 units) 7:05pm EST

This was almost the GUARANTEE PLAY but lost to the Yankees by a monitored, regulation coin toss. I’m playing it to win 5 units. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to play it to win 10 units if you practice good money management and have a healthy account. That can apply to the $2/unit player or the $200/unit player. The AL CY Young winner for this season, Justin Verlander, takes the mound for the Tigers. Verlander is 17-5, has a 2.35 ERA and an incredible .872 WHIP. Nick Blackburn (7-9, 4.36 ERA, 1.532 WHIP) starts for the Twins. It just gets worse: Blackburn is 5-5, 5.32 ERA and has an inflated 1.640 WHIP in 12 road starts. Verlander is 2-0 with a 0.53 ERA in his last two starts against the Twins. I have at least 3 more supporting stats if you are not convinced yet. Okay, I tell you one more. Pure technical and from my proprietary software.  Detroit -1.5, 61.3%. Take the Tigers -1.5 and pick up an easy 5 units at a bargain price!

2) Milwaukee Brewers -163 (Risk 6.52 units to win 4 units) 8:10pm EST

Yes, I’m on the Brewers again tonight. It kills me not to play for 5 or more units on this game but this will be the 3rd win on my card tonight and why not save a little money since were going to win. Gallardo takes the bump for the best home team in MLB. I will not throw the same angle at you that I did last night…it still applies though. Gallardo is 9-2 with a 2.12 ERA at home. The Dodgers counter with Billingsley and he hasn’t been a good road pitcher this year sporting a less than stellar 5.53 ERA. In his last three starts it’s worse…6.19. The Brewers are 17-4 most recently vs losing teams and seemed destined to win the NL Central. My system software indicates the Brewers have a  57.3% chance of winning the RL -1.5. Pay the extra juice on the ML for the win.

3) Cincinnati Reds –120 (Risk 6 units to win 5 units) 7:05 P.M. EST

4) Oakland Athletics -128 (Risk 12.8 units to win 10) 10:05pm EST

I have been looking at this game all day.  I have done a complete analysis with every system at my disposal.  I’ll keep this short.  Oakland plays well at home and Baltimore is not a good team, especially on the road. The pitching match up favors Oakland.  The last time I said the following we cashed big: don’t ask any questions, bet this game now to win 10 units at a great price.  I’m personally playing $200/unit.  I want the $2/unit player and every unit player below or above me on this game with me NOW! Don’t think.  Bet and WIN BIG!!!


I hope everyone is excited about the upcoming NFL season as all of us at Winning Addicts. We are burning the midnight oil preparing for a profitable season ahead.  If you hate (or like) the new rule moving kickoffs up to the 35 yd line email me at,, and let me know why you hate or like it. I’m trying to factor this change into a new system I’m working on and would like to know what you think.  Good Luck Tonight!


Dr. Jim’s Guaranteed Play Tuesday, August 16th

New York Yankees -153 (Risk 15.3 units to win 10 units) 8:10pm EST

Ivan Nova has to be the number two starter in the playoffs after the season he has put together. He won’t be in competition for the Cy Young but there are several teams who would love to have him in their rotation right now. 11-3 for the year and 7-0 with a 3.10 ERA in his last 8 starts. The Yankees are 25-10 against lefties and The Royals starter, Danny Duffy, is 3-6/4.97 ERA overall and 1-4, 4.50 ERA at home. I don’t see a down side betting the Yankees in this game. Sure it’s baseball and anything can happen, including the NYY winning the -1.5 RL as well as the game!



Stay tuned. More picks to come later. I feel that winning buzz in the air tonight!

Dr. Jim’s Guaranteed Play Monday, August 15th


Milwaukee Brewers -162 (Risk 16.2 units to win 10 units) 8:10pm EST

The Brewers are 44-15 at home this season. This is the best home record in all of baseball. They are 16-0 at home after allowing 3 runs or less in back to back games. When a favorite of -150 or greater they are 25-3. Randy Wolf has won 3 straight games and the Dodgers have averaged only 3.7 runs per game vs lefties. I look for the Brewers bats to get hot against Ted Lilly tonight. Let’s win BIG tonight on one game and be happy! If you need any more reasons just send me an email at

Premium Play #1

St Louis Cardinals -128 (Risk 6.4 units to win 5 units) 7:05pm EST

I like the Cards in this spot and Vegas keeps raising the line since it came out. Too many people (including the Winning Addict himself) realize this is a great spot for the Cards to win. The Pirates have to be faded at this point, after a horrible display of baseball over the last month. Play the Cards and win!

Dr. Jim’s Guaranteed LATE Winner

St Louis -156 (Risk 7.8 units to win 5 units) 8:05pm EST

I am 99.83%…in my gut…sure the Cards will win this game. Don’t ask questions…just play it!

Dr. Jim’s Premium Plays Sunday, August 14th

1) Cincinnati -144 (Risk 4.32 units to win 3 units) 1:10pm EST

Dontrelle Willis (0-2, 3.41 ERA, 1.27 WHIP) has been a good acquisition for the Reds PERIOD. He has done everything he can to help this club win. In his to official loses he lost 2-0 and 3-2. In all of his other losses with no decision, every single game was a 1 run game. In the 2 games the Reds won and he got a no decision, they were 1 run games as well. Obviously, Willis can keep the Reds in a ballgame and deserves a better fate.The Padres starter, Wade LeBanc, (0-2, 4.55 ERA, 1.73 WHIP) is 0-2 in his last 5 starts and the Padres went 1-4 as a team. My gut says Willis will get the team a win today. Let’s hope he does too!

2) San Francisco Giants -121 (Risk 6.05 units to win 5 units) 1:10pm

Using my theory of pitchers I just can’t stay off of when capping, i.e. J Beckett (who still hasn’t returned my calls!!!), I really like Vogelsong (9-2, 2.48 ERA) against Volstad (5-8, 5.58 ERA) today. My technical analysis gives the Giants a 62.8% chance of winning this bad boy.

3) Atlanta Braves -149 (Risk 7.45 units to win 5 units) 1:35pm 

Beachy 5-2. 3.43 ERA vs Garza 5-9, 3.81 ERA.  2 teams who have good pitchers. Both teams are 7-3 in their last 10 games. This is a pure technical play (and you know I love technical analysis). It’s a system and you have to have a system to win in the long run. It’s just as fallible as fundamental analysis (although, I still contend even fundamental analysis involves technical analysis d/t it’s inherent nature…what does that mean?) Trust me, if your going to win the marathon, make money and stay the course you must have a combination of systems to use under different circumstances. Now back to the Atlanta pick. Based on approximately 10,000 simulated games (done by Chester, my degenerate gambling IT guy) the Braves have a 67.2% chance of winning this game. That’s great! But like any system, the goal is the same…win between 55-60% of your picks. If you do, your making $$$.

4) LA Dodgers  -1.5 +120  (Risk 2.5 units to win 3 units)  4:10pm EST

Fade Lyles who is starting for Houston


5) Brewers -1.5 +125  (Risk 2.5 units to win 3.125 units)  2:10pm EST

There is a sound reason why I made this pick. If you want to know, email me at

Dr. Jim’s Premium Picks Saturday, August 13th


1) Boston Red Sox -140  (Risk 7 Units to win 5 Units) 10:10pm EST 

If I can get Josh Beckett at this price, I’ll take it. Should be a great pitching matchup if Fernandez has a quality start. I fully expect Beckett to have a QS. And when he does, Boston has a 76% chance to win according to my systems. I’m not playing the O/U 6.5 on this game I would play the Over.

**The Above is a Guaranteed Play!

2) Under 7 -115  LAA/Toronto Blue Jays (Risk 5.75 Units to win 5 Units) 1:05pm EST

Two quality pitchers in Weaver and an “overlooked” Romero in the AL East that is full of  good pitching. My gut likes this the Under 7 in this spot

Dr. Jim’s Premium Picks Friday, August 12th

1) Cleveland -155 (Risk 7.75 Units to win 5 Units)  7:05pm EST

2) Chicago Cubs/Atlanta Braves  Over 8 -130  (Risk 6.5 Units to win 5 Units)  7:35pm EST

3) St. Louis -151 (Risk 7.55 Units to win 5 Units)  8:15pm EST

4) Philadelphia -1.5 -120  (Risk 6 Units to win 5 Units) 7:05pm EST

5) Milwaukee -1.5 +110  (Risk 5 Units to win 5.5 Units)  8:10pm EST